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At Girls Who Like Horses, You'll Find Fun, Whimsical Gifts, Clothing, Toys and Decor For Horse Lovers of All Ages

Here at Girls Who Like Horses, we love horses just as much as you do and are very excited to offer you a great selection of horse-inspired gifts, decor, jewelryclothing, toys, school supplies and more for your family, friends and home. Our primary focus is helping you to create a space where you can share your passion and enthusiasm for horses!

If you’re a rider, trainer, horse-owner or simply love horses, Girls Who Like Horses will have something for you. Our products are selected by a knowledgeable horse person and regularly updated to make sure our customers always have access to the most unique and current items. This, combined with great customer service and a tailor-made shopping experience are what set Girls Who Like Horses apart. 

Whether you have a little girl who is just pony crazy and dreaming of riding one day or you're a woman who has been riding all her life, you're sure to find something you will love among our equestrian-themed gifts, housewares, decor, clothing and accessories. From beddingartwork to household items and  jewelry, our horse-inspired gifts cover multiple disciplines and breeds ensuring an equestrian themed gift for everyone.

AGirls Who Like Horses we know how important it is to be fashionable, especially when you can flaunt your equestrian style!  We have an array of horse inspired clothing, jewelry and accessories perfect for wearing around the house, at the barn or out on the town. Choose from a wide array of kids and ladies topsbottomsunderwear, PJs as well as accessories like scarves, handbags and footwear.  We also have a large selection of horse hats, belts and a great selection of equestrian themed school supplies like backpacks, lunch boxes, sleeping bags and pencil cases

You can't be at the barn every minute of the day, even though we'd all like to!  But you can bring a little bit of the barn to you.  We have a great collection of horse art work and wall murals to decorate your home with an equestrian theme.  From lighting, all the way to knobs and pulls for cabinets and drawers, we have accessories to bring the world of horses to your décor. 

Girls Who Like Horses knows how pulling little riders away from their horses even just to eat can be a challenge but it will be a little easier with our personalized placemats and dishes for mealtime.  Our horse clocks will help keep her on time for lessons at the barn!  For home and time away from her horse, our rocking horses and horse toy collection will help to keep her busy and happy.